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Abaya online: My first experience on buying an abaya from eastessence

Everyday, there are increasingly more sites to buy abaya online from. Abayas are becoming more and more popular in all parts of the world. An abaya is a robe like a dress designed for women and is simple and loose fitting. Traditional abayas are black, but today you can buy colorful abayas with some beautiful patterns and embroidered hems. Abayas are seen more in Muslim cultures than anywhere else, but you can always consider it a beautiful piece of clothing for anyone. An abaya will make any woman look elegant and stylish. If you aren’t sure what to look for when choosing your abaya from an online store, then here are some tips on how to choose the perfect abaya for you. Follow this advice when buying an abaya online.


Think About Your Budget

The first and most important thing to think about is your budget. Set a budget of what you want to spend on your abaya and stick to it. Prices vary wherever you shop, and some people are even to willing pay thousands. Saying that you can buy beautiful abayas for even just twenty dollars.


Keep It Simple

Abayas are meant to look simple. They aren’t meant to be covered in glitter and sequins. Floral patterns, subtle colors and simple fabrics are what to look for when buying an abaya. Although you want to compliment your body, eyes, and skin simplicity work best. Keep over the top bright, bold colors and patterns for other garments. You can choose from button fronts or zip fronts depending on what you prefer.


Choose Your Color Wisely

The color is another important factor in how your abaya will look overall. From cream, black or pink to deep colors with patterns, you have a wide choice to choose from. Today in the modern world we also see striped and even chequered abayas. Traditionally, black is the color to go for but if you want something which is a little more unique then choose something else.


Don’t go for a Tight Fit

Choosing an abaya which will offer you a tight fit is a no go. Abayas are meant to be loose fitting.

If you find body pear-shaped, then pick an abaya which has a wider bottom but tighter sleeves to compliment your figure more.

If you are skinny and straight, then pick an abaya which has layers to add extra volume to your body.

If you are short, then choose an abaya a few inches longer than the length of your body and wear with heels to elongate your frame.

If you are tall, then choose an abaya the exact length of your body. Don’t forget that a flowing, loose fit is the right way to wear your abaya.


Consider the Type of Fabric

The fabric is a deciding factor in being comfy and at ease in your abaya. From knitwear to cotton, the choice is huge. For each season a different type of fabric you will need. Light fabric for the summer is important in keeping you cool and heavy fabric in the winter is vital in keeping you warm. Farwa fabric is popular to choose in the winter. Don’t go with sheer, transparent fabrics as these aren’t acceptable when wearing an abaya in the Muslim culture.



Consider Customizing Your Abaya

If you purchase a simple, one color abaya online then you can consider customizing it with embroidery patterns or other simple embellishments to make it unique. Many women like to tie dye their abaya to make it unique, but you can also buy this type of abaya online from www.eastessence.com. You can add loose belts at the waist to lengthen your figure but make sure they are simple and loose fitting. You can also consider wearing your abaya with a head veil to keep the traditional look.


Buy an Abaya Online

Buying an abaya online is an easy task. You don’t need to worry about sizing because in general a loose fit is acceptable and if you order slightly bigger than you need then these are easy to adjust at tailors. Think about buying one to see the size before buying one for each season. You can browse through hundreds of choices until something catches your eye. This year two tone abayas are very popular. With hundreds of choices to browse through, there will be something perfect for you. Whatever the occasion an abaya can look elegant, stylish and feminine. Having an abaya is an important garment which every woman should have in their closet so buy one today!