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Abaya styles are so chic and modern now that they’re no longer exclusive to muslimahs

Abaya is a robe like, a long loose dress which has until recently been a woman attire in parts of the Muslim world.   It covers the whole body apart from the head, arms, and the feet. Previously abaya was just a long loose black dress, made from the same material and the same design thanks to the abaya designers who have done an all-around transformation and come up with attractive abaya styles.  If your method of differentiating the Muslimah from other women is from their abaya clothes, then you better look for another way.  Abaya is now women attire, irrespective of their faith. Previously abaya dresses were specifically found in Muslim shops, but not anymore.  Most designer shops all over the world sell a plethora of abaya styles today.

There are different types of stylish abaya designs available in the market today.  You’ll find variation in colors.  Some have embroideries and others beautiful laces.  Most of the Jilbab have different decoration.  That is why they have won the attraction of many women other than the Muslimah. Young Muslimahs don’t have to wear just a loose long abaya.  The designer abayas make them designs that suit their taste.

She is wearing a fashionable maroon open abaya styles with a black top.

Open Abaya

Tan Open Abaya Styles

This is an elegant abaya style.  In the front, it is open. You will have to put on some other attire inside if you have to put it on.  Most eastern women, well known to have a sense of fashion, wear jeans and a beautiful top on the inside.

Beautiful embroided abaya styles can be bought online!

Embroidered Art Silk Abaya Style Suit in beige

Made from silk material, the embroidered art silk abaya is a glamorous and elegant gown.  You’ll find it perfect suit for an evening occasion.  It is available in designer’s shops.  You can also buy it online here at hayacreations.

Embroidered Net and Brocade Silk Abaya Style Suit in Beige

This is a gorgeous and modern abaya style.  Muslimah and non-Muslimah women wear it.  Any woman with a strong sense of fashion probably will go for this abaya style.  It is made of Art brocade silk material with a semi-stitched net. Also, it has a lining of poly shamloon in beige.  It is prettified with Resham Zari and border work of stone and patch. It is found in designer abaya shops.  You can order it online.

Cream Abaya with Black Silver Lace

This is a unique, elegant abaya style.  This jilbab is cream in color.  It is ideal for Muslimah.  It covers the entire body apart from the arms and the head.  Unlike other abaya styles, this abaya style covers the feet as well. It has a black and silver lace.

Embroidery Net Abaya Style Suit in Beige and Fuchsia

It is an elegant abaya style.  It is an idea for young girls.  Indian women mostly wear this design.  It is long enough to cover the entire body including the feet, but excluding the arms and the head.

Designer Churidar Kameez

The is a breathtaking and elegant abaya style.  It is a unique dark green and cream Georgette anankali salvar kameez abaya style which is semi-stitched and has poly shantoon lining.  In addition, it is a faux georgette abaya style with zari, sequins patch border work and a piece of lace. You’ll look more beautiful I promise.  Hence you can buy it online or in any designers shop.

Hand Embroidered Net Abaya Style Suit

This is a Salwar Kameez which is exquisite.  Due to a designer abaya style, most of all the Indian women prefer it.  It is fitting at the top and reveals the extraordinary beauty.  You can buy it in any designers shop and online.

Embroidered Combo of Net Abaya Style Suit in beige.

This too is an elegant abaya style.  It is beige and has a net. The net stitches are loose.  You can buy this elegant abaya style in any designer abaya shop.  You can also buy it online.

Evening Abaya in Linen with sequins

This is a classic abaya style which features gold sequins. For special occasions, you can use it as a perfect match.  It is made of the dusty pink lining and partially open in front.  You have to wear some other cloth inside whenever you go out in it.  Most people who wear it will have a trouser eans in the inside. You can buy it in designer abayas’ shops or online.


The Abaya style’s beautiful and elegant dresses are so many in the market today.  The designer abaya is coming up with a new designer every other day. If you visit a designer abaya’s shop, you will be spoilt with choices. We have just listed a description of a few.  Whenever you want to buy online ask them to send you a photo of the latest abaya style designs.