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Latest Abaya Designs 2017 – 2018 + ULTIMATE guide to choosing an abaya design!

There is certainly beauty in all Abaya Designs. Most women might feel that wearing an Abaya is not fashionable. Most women would say it is too hot to wear an Abaya. But in all honesty nothing could be further from the truth.

I am sure the plain old boring designs cannot really be compared to the crazy fashion trends that we see popping up on international catwalks in some of the most influential fashion magazines out there. However, as the old saying goes; where there’s a will, there’s a way.

You can play with designs and colours that best suit you to create Abaya designs that are unique and just as fashionable as the latest D&G designs. If you would rather do the shopping and the designing, do not worry one bit, there are quite a lot of great manufacturers and designers out there that are making elegant and beautiful designs available online and in shops. Certainly, you can shop for an abaya online.

1. Know The Different Abaya Designs And Pick One

The designers of Sana Safinaz, from Pakistan, are probably right at the front of the line when it comes to elegant and trendy Abaya designs that you should try. In their latest 2017 collection they show just how fashionable an Abaya can look. They mainly focused on the use of diverse patterns, colour combinations that look sleek and fresh and they added to all of this, the usual traditional elements found in the Abaya.


They highlight elegance by incorporating diamonds, sequins, beads and ribbons. Add a few of these to your plain Abaya in elaborate designs. Spoil yourself with one of these beautiful Sana Safinaz garments and you will feel as elegant and beautiful as the queen that you truly are on the inside.
Best of all, everyone will also be able to see your radiating beauty while you get to keep your modesty and self respect in your beautiful Abaya.

i. Lace in Abayas

Another really great trend that was a part of this wonderful collection is the heavy use of lace. As you well know, lace made a huge comeback in the fashion industry in 2016 and the vintage material has definitely been an eye catcher everywhere in the world. Most of the lace is adorned onto the neckline and embroidered onto the sleeves. This not only makes your arms look slimmer but it also makes your neck look long and beautiful.


ii. Let your sleeves fly.

The traditional abaya designs have thin sleeves that do not really do much to flatter you but with long, enlarged sleeves that make it seem as if you are floating and they make every movement that you make look elegant and sophisticated with a little bit of fairy like mystery. Large balloon sleeve designs might not sound like the most fashionable choice but close your eyes for a second and imagine a sleek lined abaya adorned with beautiful long sleeves like the ones on vintage ball gowns, does that not just sound like a beautiful and elegant look that any girl can rock?

iii. Flaunt a little

If you are a little more daring and you do not mind a little controversy, there is also a great design for you. I am talking about the beautiful, tight fit abaya. Don’t worry, it is not skin-tight and completely figure-hugging, but it surely is not as open as the traditional abaya designs. It is more of a tease than anything else and it adorns slim figures really well. With a design like this, you can incorporate beautiful ornamental elements such as big pears or diamonds. The sleeves on this design also come in great varieties, from you slim lined sleeves to the more dramatic balloon sleeves. This abaya design really does cater for any and everyone and it will look absolutely amazing at dinner parties with friends.

Another very unique design that will have heads turning from the minute that you put it on, is the open cut abaya designs that stole hearts on catwalks all over the world. The abaya is given beautiful yet modest slits on the sides and just for a little bit more controversy, it is completely cut open down the front and tied together by a beautiful rope. This will give you a great variety of clothing to mix and match your abaya to and it will also give you a great opportunity to play around with colours. This could really just make getting dressed up so much more fun and super easy.

iv. Floral prints always work

Get friendly with floral prints. You can buy a beautiful abaya that boasts the greatness of nature with its elaborate floral designs. This could be a simple print-out on the edges of the sleeves or neckline. A simple design like this is greater for older and more conservative women but when it comes to the young girls and woman just entering their womanhood, they can still afford to be a little more eccentric and still look stunning. They could opt for abaya designs that are filled with colour and floral prints all over.

2. Know The Different Hijab Styles That Will Match With Your Abaya Designs

You can also give your old abaya designs a new feeling by changing up your hijab or scarf. Traditionally the black hijab or scarf is favoured and it is always held together by a plain and simple pin. Wearing a coloured hijab or scarf to match your shoes and purse will definitely give your Abaya a little pop that will look effortlessly sensational and just to add a little flare, you can add a beautiful modern brooch to your hijab or scarf.


I just love how comfortable it is to wear a jersey scarf. It is totally breathable which is important as I’m living in such a hot place! For those who don’t know, jersey is a stretchable cotton material, very much like the cotton fabric of t-shirts you wear. You can imagine that on your face; DEFINITELY COMFORTABLE! Just one downside though, the fabric is kinda ‘clingy’. It does get annoying when it keeps sticking to my face haha. Best to avoid this fabric if you have a round face!


I would say this is like the staple of every true hijabi. It is very lightweight so I usually choose viscose if I feel like going for those more complex styles. Those that require several wraps. I also love how affordable viscose scarves are. I have plenty of them in different colours in my wardrobe cause you never know what kind of weird colour you’d have to match 💁.


If you love draping, you would definitely love chiffon. It is light, thin and airy – this is what makes it drape so well. It produces an effortless flair both in the front and back.The fabric is usually sheer and flowing, you would have to wear an undercap to keep it secured in its place, trust me.


I would usually reserve satin for date nights or you know, a glitzy night out? haha. Satin catches and reflects light from different angles to give that luxurious look. You wouldn’t want to buy cheap-looking satin fabrics though as it really defeats its purpose. I have several plains ones but hardly any printed. However, I think you can’t really go wrong with satin square scarves or shawls. Satin can really be eye-catching so I think getting dark colours would be good choice.


I was superrr excited when I saw some cute prints on a scarf last week. There were a spectrum of designs! On closer inspection, they were made from polyester. Sadly, I am actually against polyester as hijabwear as the fabric doesn’t really absorb sweat that well. It can get very uncomfortable so I wouldn’t recommend getting them.


You would instantly think of cold weather when you think of knit. It is actually quite stretchable as knits are infused with elastane nowadays. This makes the material stretchy and comfortable to be worn. I have never personally tried this on yet though. Not that I have a reason to, unless I am going to a country with four amazing seasons. If you are living in those countries, do prepare several thin knit scarves for winter!


Voile is like the amalgamation of all the good aspect I mentioned in the other fabrics – the holy grail of hijabs! It is lightweight, comfortable, airy, absorbs sweat quite well, doesn’t cling to my face like clingwrap, etc. The list can go on haha, I truly have high regards for this fabric. One bad thing though, Voile actually snags easily so it might not be the most durable as it will tear from frequent use.

3. Know The Different Bags That Will Complete Your Look!

I guess I’ll refer to this infographic by fractals that’ll showcase the different bag types there are.

This is the ultimate bag fashion vocabulary. We have 18 different types, and its different use with regards to abaya will be discussed below.
I will make this section as light as possible by just classifying the bags with regards to what I feel the occasion its suited for.

Formal Events(e.g weddings etc.)

Clutch (Envelope)

The clutch is suited for an evening out, but I also feel it’s classy and elegant enough for formal events.


This small evening bag has a hard case, is covered in either leather or fabric and is decorated with beads or semi-precious stones.

Date Night


If you’re going for a rather casual look that night, I guess I would choose this! This kind of bag has a long strap, worn across the body so that the bag rests comfortably on the back. If it’s got a short strap, it turns into a sling bag.


This is a clutch-shaped bag that has either a bracelet or leather-looking strap, which enables the wearer to hold the bag freely.


This purse is rectangular and stiff, and resembles a money purse. It can be really classy for an evening night out!


This kind of bag resembles a quilt in that it has a top-stitched pattern to it.



This is a bag that the shoulders support; it has double handles and lies on the back. It’s ideal for sportswear (or school). I think a leather backpack would pair really well with an abaya.


When looking for a casual look for daily use, the baguette purse is best. It’s recognized by its small top to bottom, long side to side look.


This kind of bag, which is best for daily wearing, is any big bag that hangs off the shoulder and has a key slot closure.


This bag is roomy, with a shoulder strap and open top. I’d choose this bag on days that I have plenty of stuff to carry like to a photoshoot or a long day at school. I can slot in whatever I want: Notebook, Laptop, Shades, Sofa, TV, anything!


This bag has a folding flap closure, and is ideal for a casual day out.


Well, any Hijabster would be familiar with a tote bag and its convenience. This medium to large bag has double handles, an open top and open key compartment.


Casual, oh so casual! The shopper bag has one handle and is rectangular.

Avoid pairing it with abaya


This kind of bag is rather large and often used for sports or travel. Somehow, I feel its a little bulky that you’re better off wearing a backpack.


Try to avoid wearing this type as I feel it’s kinda getting obsolete now. Except of course you’re wearing LV, then you can wear it with whatever you want.


This small or large handbag has double top handles, a top closure, a wide, flat bottom and locking hardware. It’s got a similar look to vintage school bags. I just feel it’s weird to pair it with abaya, totally doesn’t match in my opinion.


I just feel it’s weird to pair it with abaya, totally doesn’t match in my opinion.

All in all

Fashion is all about expression and with an abaya, you have a lot of surface area to cover with your artistic thoughts. Do not look at this remarkable, traditional attire as a creative barrier. It is a garment that was worn by some of the most inspiring and beautiful women to ever walk this earth never forget that. The abaya’s original designs are plain, yet breath-taking because of their bold nature. Being a part of a people who can fully demand respect simply by a garment is the very essence of beauty and elegance. Feel free to play around with some of the great abaya designs mentioned above and even try out some of those fashionable ideas that have been scratching at your brain but always remember that true beauty comes from the heart.